FAQ – Getting Started


Welcome to Aurora Ballroom…. where your dance transformation begins!

Q. I am totally new to ballroom dance how do I begin?

A. All you have to do is take the first step and join a group class, take a private lesson or try both. For your first visit you will want to come about 10-15 minutes early to get acclimated and sign a welcome sheet. We are a safe, friendly atmosphere and experienced in helping people just like you start from scratch to become confident, skilled dancers.

Q. What is the difference between group classes and private lessons?

A. Group Classes are general classes open to adults 18+. No partner is necessary, couples and singles are welcome. All students rotate partners in class regardless of whether they came with a partner or not. Group classes focus on 1 dance at a time like “Swing” and run in 4 week sessions meeting at the same time each week to build on the knowledge of the previous week. Classes are also classified by level such as: Waltz beginner or Cha cha intermediate. Many of our group classes are newcomer friendly! Levels are always specified and classes are generally 50 minutes long.

A private Lesson is one on one time with an instructor to work on your individual needs. They are 50-55 minutes in length and a higher rate than group classes. It is the best and fastest way to accelerate your knowledge and ability. Up to 2 people are allowed in a private, 4 + people is a semi-private and a slightly higher rate. We always recommend a combination of both group and private lessons to improve your learning at the fastest rate.

Q. I have two left feet, I don’t think I can learn dancing?

A. This is the most common statement we hear people say when they have a fear of dance. Truth is… Anyone can learn how to dance! It just takes a little practice to create muscle memory and improve skill and you will be moving in no time. Every professional was a beginner once too! We are patient and will help you through your first steps. Life is too short! Learn to dance. There are so many proven benefits to learning ballroom dancing for your mind, body and spirit. Don’t let fear keep you from having fun.

Q. Do I need dance shoes to come to class?

A. No, you do not have to run out and purchase an expensive pair of ballroom shoes to start. Eventually as you get more involved in classes you will want to purchase a pair of practice shoes as they are the most comfortable and suitable for dance. While you are learning, for your safety and protection of our floors, we DO NOT allow street shoes on the floor such as hard soled shoes, work boots, ladies high heeled street shoes, flip flops, clogs, wedges, sandals and wet shoes. Ladies please save your sexy heels for the clubs and outside arenas!

Acceptable shoes: must have a shoe that supports your whole foot and heel! Sneakers and or flexible light sneakers are good to start and shoes with flexible suede bottoms. Ladies flats and slipper type shoes are ok.

Q. Do I need a partner to start dancing?

A. NO, you do not need a partner to initially begin learning to dance. In group classes we rotate partners and in a private lesson you have the instructor as your partner.

Do I need prior dance knowledge to start?

A. NO, partner dancing is an acquired skill that anyone can learn to do and improve with practice. In fact, it is almost preferred that people come in with a blank slate since ballroom and Latin dancing have a completely different skill set than any other style.

Aurora Ballrom

Q. Where can I practice dancing?

A. At Aurora Ballroom we have monthly social parties where you are able to practice your skills. There are also many other places around locally and nationally where you can participate in mixed social dances.

Q. There are so many dances, which ones do I start with?

A. Yes, there are many exciting dances to choose from and it can certainly feel overwhelming at first. If you are taking a private lesson we will introduce you to a fast dance and a slow dance to start so you can get a feel and go from there. Group classes, just jump in and start trying dances. Most people find that they begin to have strong likes and dislikes for certain dances and styles and some people just love it all. The only way to know is to be open-minded and try everything!

Q. Are there certain dances that are more social at events than others?

A. Yes, if meeting new people and socializing at clubs and events is one of your goals, we would recommend learning the following popular dances: Salsa, swing, night-club 2 step, cha cha, bachata, Tango/Argentine Tango.

Q. I have been watching Dancing with the Stars, will I be required to compete or do shows?

A. NO! We will not force a student into performance. Like competitive golf, soccer, horse back riding, competition and shows are simply one aspect of this style of dance should you wish to pursue it. However, competition and showcases are a great, exciting way to rapidly improve your dancing skills and confidence.

Disclaimer: Please note that Dancing with the Stars is a “show” for television. It takes time and practice to acquire the skill level you are watching on the show. Do not expect to reach this level in a months time! Contestants are committing to serious “crash course” style practice 8 hours a day every day for months prior to even starting the show. So just begin your journey, relax, learn and enjoy the ride!

Q. How do I sign up for classes?

A. Signing up is easy! Please sign up and register for classes online through the class scheduler.

Note: you must create a login and password and enter your basic info and purchase info in order to sign up and pay for classes. Once this is complete you can go back to the schedule and follow the steps to purchase and sign up for classes. We are here to assist you with any questions.

Q. I don’t like computers or I don’t have a computer, can I call to register for class?

A. Yes, you can email us: info@auroraballroomdance.com letting us know what you wish to sign up for. Please be sure to give us your phone number so we can contact you to complete your information before class. A credit card is required to hold a private lesson. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for private lessons and cancellations on group classes must be 1 week prior to the start date of class in order to receive a refund for any pre-paid classes. You can also call us at the studio 1-978-358-7719 and we can register you.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you get started! See you soon! Aurora Ballroom